Blockchain (bitcoin) games are quite an exciting and promising way of mining cryptocurrency that many people will enjoy. But remember that you shouldn’t expect from these games something grandiose because such games are still quite far from AAA games with luxurious graphics and exciting gameplay.

But blockchain and bitcoin games have one undeniable advantage over them: they allow you to earn real money. But before we start, our website editors would like to recommend something to you. We are now talking about bitcoin tumbler.

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How to choose a cryptocurrency game?

Not all such games honestly pay rewards; many are fraudulent projects that profit from users’ inexperience and inattention. There are even curious cases when projects which successfully pay remunerations for a long time then suddenly stopped paying.


If your goal is not only to spend a good time at the game but also to make money on it, then you should pay attention to the following things when choosing a game:

  1. Reviews and ratings – shady sites immediately get a lot of negative feedback, which should alert you. To save time, refuse such games at once.
  2. Estimate the amount you can earn from this game – you need to know the minimum payout amount and the number of possible accruals per day. Immediately it should be noted that to make a substantial amount of money will have to play not one month or even one year.
  3. The gameplay and the plot – they have to capture you. Otherwise, the earning of coins will turn into an unpleasant pastime.
  4. The speed and stability of payments – by this key indicator can determine the prospects of a particular game. Each site offers an individual system of rewards. For example, on some resources, you can request the withdrawal of coins every 10-15 minutes, while others allow you to do it, for example, once a month.
  5. Year of creation – the older the game, the better. New services can also make regular payments but should be treated with maximum caution.
  6. Language support – most services only support English. If you don’t speak it very well, you might have a situation where you misunderstand something and lose money.

This is the most basic list of factors you must pay attention to.

Good blockchain games

After we have defined the qualities of good blockchain games, we can now look at the fair projects in this niche.


This is a rather exciting project on the promising Solana blockchain. It mainly focuses on grooming a pet, but you can also fight other players. You can also improve your pet by getting more excellent and advanced gear. The game uses the tracker to track the activity and, based on that, promotes it on the ladder, so it is realistic to break into the top of the rankings in this game.

The Titan Arena

The Titan Arena is an NFT game that launches in 2021 after a preliminary beta. It is the first blockchain-based game of its kind. Why? The thing is that this game is made professionally (a big budget was spent on it, and it was tested for a long time), so it will cause an equal amount of interest among beginners and avid gamers alike. The graphics in this game are rather good, and the gameplay is fascinating.


Spellsofgenesis is a reasonably well-known RPG where you have to play with cards, and the player will have to collect a deck of cards and fight with other participants with its help. Register and play Spellsofgenesis for free. By the way, a definite advantage of this project is that there is an in-game currency, which can be immediately withdrawable in BTC.