A child develops and grows by playing games. Now children have a lot of toys, but has it always been so?

Moving games appeared a long time ago, created originally in the fantasies of peasant children. These are hide-and-seek, sleigh games, Cops and Robbers. The first toy was made by parents who were trying to entertain their child somehow.

Toys used to be made of whatever one could find at hand. It could be straw, grass, thread, clay, earth, dough. Later people began to carve toys out of wood. Our ancestors were not spoiled with toys, so they used everything. The boys made bows and arrows out of twigs to represent hunters. The girls found scraps, colored stones, and bundles of thread and made dolls and dresses for them.

The poverty wasn’t the reason of such toys, but the children were taught that not much is needed for a normal life. You have to take care of what you have. And everyone cherished what they had made with their own hands.

When a baby was trying to learn his first steps, parents built him a special wheelbarrow on a stick. He could use it to explore space. Then he was given a wheelbarrow on a rope, which he dragged along with him everywhere. It helped to develop the first sense of strength and superiority. Since horses were the main animals of our ancestors, every family had toys that depicted it. And it was not only a wheelbarrow, but also rocking horses, whistles and more.

In the old days children loved to play outdoor games, and all day long they spent into the street. Such games as hide-and-seek, blind hen and Cops and Robbers have reached our time and now please our children.