The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe is the second expansion for the first-person shooter called The New Colossus. The expansion arrived on PC, PS4, and XONE on December 14, 2017. It was developed by the same studio that gave the original Machine Games.


Starring Joseph Stallion who appears in the earlier Episode Zero DLC. The protagonist used to play American soccer as a quarterback, but is now a member of a local resistance organization that fights the Nazis who have taken over the United States.


During the course of the story, players complete missions mainly involving the destruction of large groups of German soldiers with the support of combat robots. In dynamic fights players use a wide variety of weapons. It is worth noting that the events of the add-on unfold in already destroyed cities, such as Chicago. But, in one of the missions we will visit the outer space.

Technical features

The extension uses similar technologies used in the main version of the project. Therefore, you should not expect any changes in terms of graphics. DLC is sold separately or as a Season Pass.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

90 Minute Fever

90 Minute Fever is an MMO game created specifically for PC by Isokron studio. This is the debut work of the company. There is no free-to-play model in the project, we will have to pay each month 5.99 euros. The game has been in early access since July 12, 2016, with a release scheduled for October 2021. Here players take on the role of a soccer manager. The video game differs from similar products by having a multiplayer mode.


The game is designed only for the multiplayer passing system. Therefore, the player interacts with other participants in terms of matches or as a coach. But despite these logics there are no more differencies from the classic products of this genre.

At the very beginning of the game you create your own club which you will manage. Initially you should choose a logo, soccer uniforms and recruit athletes. After that you need to develop the right tactics. In the process you will have to observe the matches, replace tired or injured players, and change the strategy.

It is worth noting that at the very beginning the user is allowed to play with the most experienced clubs, without the obligatory long and difficult development of the team. There are advantages and disadvantages here: you can learn a lot from the most experienced opponents, but it is difficult to win them.

There is another interesting feature, called Time Portal. It allows you to take your club players with different experience and age.