The game Urban Rivals is the brightest and most popular representative in the genre of collectible card games. This project contains a very “sassy drawn” characters. Heroes are endowed with superpowers, a multinational army to fight in a virtual world.

When you register in Urban Rivals, you are given a deck of character cards (choose from three different decks). The cards in this game are the symbol of some quirky character who lives in or around the town of Clint Citi. Each character has the signs of power and damage, as well as abilities and bonuses.

This game is quite interesting to play, the characters are the part of the same clan, defining firearms, knives, poisons and more. There are two types of cards: standard (STD) and limited edition (LTD).

Urban Rivals has an interesting fight system: before the fight begins, four cards are randomly drawn from the battle deck, and they are used in the battle. The minimum number of cards allowed in the battles is 8. During the battle each of the opponents can choose any card to turn and determine the number of special points (Pillz), which will help to increase the effectiveness. The main goal of the battle is to make maximum damage to the opponent’s cards.

The game encourages players to regularly add to their collection. There are many strong and interesting heroes in the game world that you want to compete with. You can upgrade your deck by buying new cards on the market or by completing tasks that will give you access to the unique heroes.