Since the dawn of time people have dreamed of getting rich, and have devoted years of their lives to make the dream come true. In the middle of the 19th century people were gripped by the “gold rush”. Men went off to mine for gold, hoping that the pick and shovel would help them to earn their capital.

And to this day in different parts of the planet people strive to enrich themselves in various ways (not always legal). And the first experience in this business can be the game “gold digger”, whose fans will be able to get the first skills as a treasure hunter. You have to dig, delve, blow and push, load and carry. And sometimes you have to go to the store where you can buy various useful things with the gold you get.

Any of the existing online versions of the game “gold digger” will allow a person to start a fully legal operation to extract golden nuggets. To get the treasure the player will have to use the pickaxe and shovel. Also, sometimes explosives are used allowing to eliminate obstacles on the way of the miner.

Of course, the gold digger will also need a wheelbarrow to store and transport the treasure. In some versions of the game the miner can also use a metal detector, which speeds up the search for precious metals in the thickness of the Earth crust. To lift the treasure the gold seeker will have to use various mechanisms based on the blocks. In addition to gold and gems the caves may also contain bags with various items that can make the treasure retrieval process less tedious and more expeditious.